Questions to ask a potential wedding photographer


What questions should I ask a potential wedding photographer?

Important Questions to Ask Wedding Photographers Before You BookWhat style(s) do you specialize in? Will the photos be retouched and color balanced? How many weddings have you shot, and how many do you do in a year? Do you shoot both digital and film? If you shoot film, do you usually shoot in both color and black and white? What exactly is included in your packages?

How do I inquire my wedding photographer?

So the absolute essentials are:Both your names.Include your date.Tell them about your venue.Include your email address, your phone number and tell them a good time to call.Tell them about your wedding.If you are wanting bespoke, mention that.If you are on a budget, mention that.

How do I ask my wedding photographer for discounts?

If you’re going to ask the photographer for a discount, start with asking if they have any existing discounts or a time of the year when they run a promotion. Some wedding photographers, for example, have lower rates for times when business is slower for them, such as during the winter, Thursdays, or Fridays.

How do I ask my photographer for a picture to be ready?

Just say hey you’re looking forward to seeing the images and ask if they have an estimate on when they will be ready for delivery. Actually, I mind when people ask, especially if I’m still within my contract specified delivery time (I usually give 4-6 weeks; 6-8 if it’s a slammed as hell season.

What a photographer needs to know before wedding?

Tips: 10 Things You Should Tell Your Wedding Photographer1) Tell them what they should wear; you don’t want a photographer in flip-flops and shorts in the middle of a black-tie affair. 2) Provide them with an order of service, so they know what is happening and when. 3) Provide your photographer with a ‘face sheet’ (photos of key attendees and their names).

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What are the different styles of wedding photography?

There are three types of wedding photography: reportage photography, traditional photography and contemporary wedding photography. Whether you are looking for some budget photography, or you want to splurge, your wedding photographs will be one of the few solid mementos from W-Day and you want them to be epic!

What should I ask my wedding photographer real simple?

What to Ask Your Wedding PhotographerDo you have photos of entire weddings that I can see? Do you have references I can call? Do you post the proofs online, or will I receive negatives? Who will be photographing my wedding? When will my proofs, prints, and wedding album be available? How many pictures will you take?

How many photographers should you have at a wedding?

Three Photographers Gives You More Wedding Day Coverage A two to three person photography team is crucial especially with multi-ceremony weddings like Indian Weddings, Chinese Weddings, and Persian Weddings just to name a few. Your wedding day breezes by and we want to document every last detail for timeless memories.

Do you feed the photographer at a wedding?

When it comes to your wedding planner, photographer and videographer, plan to have them eat while dinner is being served at the reception—that way they won’t miss anything major. Ideally, they should be fed during cocktail hour—so before your guests are seated for dinner.

How do you ask for discounts on wedding venues?

How to Negotiate a Discount With Your Wedding VenueStep 1: Do Your Research.Step 2: Ask With Confidence.Step 3: Start Low.Step 4: Be Prepared to Haggle.Step 5: Wedding Venue Won’t Budge? Try Asking for More.Step 6: Off-Peak Times Will Increase Your Negotiating Power.Step 7: Consider Asking for Reduced Service.Step 8: Be Prepared to Walk Away.

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How do I ask the price of a photographer?

Introduce yourself, explain a little about why you like my work, and THEN ask for pricing. Photographers tend to think of themselves as artists, and when you neglect that little detail and treat them like they’re an unoriginal, dime a dozen commodity, it doesn’t usually start your relationship off on the right note!

What questions should you ask a wedding videographer?

10 Questions to Ask Your Videographer Before You BookHow long have you been filming weddings? Are there any other pros in the area you love to work with? How would you describe your style? What input do you want from us, and what do you prefer to have final say on? How does your pricing work? Have you ever worked with my photographer?

What should you not say to a photographer?

13 Things You Should Never Say to a Photographer“Such great photos! “Can you please make me look younger in photoshop?” “Check out this photo on Pinterest, can you please do the same for me?” “I think this photo will look great in black & white” “I have an idea for a photo…” “It’s just a couple of shots, can’t you give us a discount?”

Can I ask my photographer for raw files?

It is possible to ask, however, it should have beed agreed upon before the job takes place. Expect RAW files will not be given for free. Depends on if you’re planning on paying for them or

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