Publix bridal shower cakes


How much do cakes cost at Publix?


Publix Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices
Full sheet Serves 75-80$118
Round Cakes
Round Cakes Serves 6-10$25-$35
Specialty Cakes

Can Publix do custom cakes?

You can place a custom order for a cake or choose from our signature elegant cake designs. Before you place your order, feel free to visit your local Publix Bakery and talk to one of our experienced decorators, or contact a catering consultant located at a store near you.

What kind of cakes Does Publix have?

Starting with cake flavors, choose from: chocolate, vanilla, marble, strawberry, Superfetti, Black Forest, German chocolate, carrot and red velvet. Looking for extra flavor? Try adding a delicious filling such cannoli cream, fresh strawberry, vanilla custard, chocolate pudding, raspberry and many more.

Does Publix do wedding cake tasting?

Make your wedding extra special with a beautiful cake from your Publix Bakery. Set up a complimentary cake tasting with our Publix Bakery to select delicious cake combos to try.

How far in advance do you have to order a cake from Publix?

4 weeks

Can you buy a birthday cake with food stamps at Publix?

Yes. I can use SNAP (EBT) to pay for bakery items at Publix stores. All Publix Markets accept SNAP (EBT). Publix will put your kid’s name on a birthday cake for free.

How far in advance should you order a custom cake?

The more time you give us the better. Forty-eight to seventy-two hours is usually the minimum to process most custom cake orders.

Does Publix put pictures on cakes?

And our talented, experienced cake designers handcraft cakes for every occasion you can imagine. They’ll work with you to help you realize the perfect cake for your occasion. Choose your favorite cake flavor, fillings, frosting, and theme for a custom-decorated cake.

Can I order a cake from Publix online?

Publix Super Markets has expanded its Online Easy Ordering (OEO) at all stores to include bakery cakes. Customers can visit the Bakery Cakes section of Publix’s website, where they can order existing recipe cakes, custom-design a cake from scratch, or select a theme cake, with customizable flavor and filling.

Is Publix cake good?

Publix has the best cakes in town IMO. They are all incredibly moist and yummy. That is the only bakery we buy our birthday cakes for work and family etc. I love the buttercream icing as well as the fudge icing best.

Does Publix sell pineapple upside down cake?

Perhaps my favorite aspect of these new, limited edition flavors from Publix is how they directly include the cake or cookie inspiration right into the base. Fortunately for us, Publix Premium completes their Pineapple Upside Down Cake Ice Cream with small squares of upside down cake pieces.

What alcohol does Publix sell?

Publix Liquors offers great deals on your favorite brands. We also offer a variety of wine, beer, soft drinks, and accessories, all in one convenient location. Whether you’re shopping for a specialty item or a popular brand, or you’re looking for your new favorite, our associates are there to assist.

How do I order a custom cake?

5 Tips For a Successfully Ordering A Custom Cake1) Provide as much information as possible. 2) Understand that your cake will take time. 3) Set a realistic budget for your custom cake. 4) Many things will affect the total cost of your cake. 5) Make sure the cake is transported and stored properly.

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Does Costco make wedding cakes?

The Costco Cake You can also chose from a variety of fillings. Check out this amazing wedding cake made from Costco sheet cakes by a couple in America… Costco do have a set range of decorations available which you can personalise and choose from selected

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