Stock the bar bridal shower


What is a stock the bar bridal shower?

A stock the bar shower is a little different from your typical wedding shower: Guests are expected to bring either an alcohol-centric item from the couple’s wedding registry (such a cocktail shaker, wine glasses or ice molds) or a nice bottle of alcohol (wine, liquor, fancy mixers and so on) to help them—you guessed it

Is a stock the bar party tacky?

Typically, guests are asked to bring two bottles of liquor or wine – one to consume while at the bar and another to put on the host’s shelf to drink at a later date. You really can’t get any more tacky than throwing yourself a stock the bar party.

How do you throw a stock at a bar party?

This ‘Stock the Bar’ Theme Is Here to Turn Your Bridal Shower Into a PartyRegister for Wine, Sprits, and Decor. Sanaz Photography. Include Cocktail Tools and Storage, Too. Sanaz Photography. Invite Friends and Family. Etsy. Set the Scene. Keep It Simple. Serve Savory Bites. Cheers with Signature Drinks. Make It a Couple’s Shower.

What does stock the bar mean?

What is a Stock the Bar Party? A unique kind of party where you bring the hosts supplies for their home bar! You’ve probably seen it as a couple of different themes, such as a bridal shower, housewarming, or even an engagement party. Typically, it’s for a couple who just bought a house or built a home bar.

What is a bar shower?

Bar showers feature slimline controls and a compact size that make them an excellent choice for small bathrooms. As they take up such little space, bar. Diverter, temperature and flow controls are all situated within the bar valve, making fine-tuning your ideal showering experience hassle-free.

What are some themes for bridal showers?

Elegant Bridal Shower ThemesGarden Gala. Start with a beautiful venue and host a garden party as everything’s beautiful and blooming. Tea Time. Minimalist Mixer. Party in Paris. Lovely in Lemon. White Wedding. Boho Bash. Vintage

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