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Where is a JJsHouse located?

Consumers should note that information has come in to the BBB indicating the company is located and headquartered in Hong Kong.

What is JJS house?

Founded in 2007, JJ’s House is the global leading online retailer for wedding gowns, special event dresses, wedding party dresses, and accessories. Customers can browse the vast online selection and choose their favorite dresses with great satisfaction.

Does JJsHouse have a shop?

We are sorry but currently we do not have any physical stores. As an e-commerce company, we just do business online. You can see the products on our website and place the order.

How do I return something to JJsHouse?

Return ProcessSubmit a return request at Contact Us to Customer Service within 7 days upon receiving your order. Once our Customer Service has approved your request, we will provide you with a return address as well as a Product Return Form that must be filled in and included with your return.

Can you trust JJsHouse?

Very Happy With This Company They were very good quality and georgous dresses. We didnt need to pay for the return but we paid for the shipping for the extra 2 dresses. We are very happy with the product and customer service received from JJ House and would recommend.

Are JJsHouse dresses true to size?

They do not reflect the true dress measurements as we do add a little wiggle room to standard size dresses for comfort. If your measurements don’t quite add up, you may need to go up a size or more to get to the closest match and then have it altered to fit.

Who does JJsHouse ship with?

It takes about 3-15 working days for the package to travel from our facilities to your destination, the exact shipping time is based on the shipping company (UPS, DHL, USPS, etc) standard and the shipping method you have chosen.

Are JJsHouse dresses made in China?

JJsHouse is doomed to be one best choice for your shopping online, one leading Made In China Free Shipping Wedding Dress wholesaler all over the world.

Where is JJsHouse located in Toronto?

Queen Street Torontowedding

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